Hi-Tec Sports

Hi-Tec Sports - Virtualization Project

The Company

Hi-Tec Sports: One of the world leaders in sports footwear, the organisation distributes to approximately 80 countries. Employing over 400 staff, Hi-Tec Sports has subsidiary companies in UK, Canada, the USA, South Africa, Spain, France and the Czech Republic.

The Problem

Hi-Tec Sports were having storage issues with their server systems and approached Morcan for assistance. They were also concerned that the age of their current servers meant that they were unable to fully utilise up-to-date technologies. The organisation had twelve servers, both Windows and Linux, which were of various ages. This meant that some of the hardware needed replacing as a matter of urgency, whilst some of the servers were still perfectly functional.

Hi-Tec Sports requested a ‘future-proof’ solution to resolve these issues, including a complete overhaul of their server system and storage within a tight budget.

Backups were another troubled area at Hi-Tec Sports and needed to be completely redesigned to fit in all servers within one centrally-managed solution.

The Solution

Having spent time with the Hi-Tec Sports team discussing the organisation’s immediate IT needs and their requirements for future growth, the Morcan team suggested the following:

  • Upgrade certain servers (with additional RAM/CPU) which were still under warranty and use as ESXi hypervisors and VMWare.
  • Use an iSCSI SAN for centralised, resilient and fast storage that all hypervisors could access and share.
  • Consolidate/virtualise existing servers to remove hardware limitations.
  • Use Veeam Backup & Replication for backing up the virtual machines both to a local store (for fast restores) and replicating to a remote offsite location.
  • Use Veeam ONE Monitor to monitor the virtual environment with full alerting and transparency capabilities.

The Results

Keen to ensure the best use of their existing hardware, and make sure that the server system was able to handle the growing demand of the business, Hi-Tec Sports proceeded with Morcan’s suggestions and the results were very successful.

The upgrade of the existing servers with additional RAM and CPU meant that the hardware was utilised to its full potential, making more efficient use of the company’s resources. In order to keep costs as low as possible, Morcan were keen to ensure that no additional servers were bought unnecessarily if upgrades could be made to existing products, and the modifications gave a new lease of life to the old servers.

These upgrades not only have an impact on the level of productivity that the organisation expects from their IT system, but also a financial measure. Obviously the initial cost of purchasing a new server is negated, but the day-to-day running costs of power and air conditioning is reduced, helping minimise the cost of the system overall.

A testimonial from our client

“Over the last few years Morcan have been integral to our IT solutions at Hi-Tec. They have both advised and implemented several key systems for us, all of which have been on budget and on time. They have consistently offered high level consultation on projects, always ensuring the technologies we adopt are current and future proof.

The level of support and assistance we have had from Morcan has always been exceptional and their staff have always been happy to go above and beyond to ensure our needs are met. They continue to be our team of choice for future developments and I would happily recommend Morcan to any business looking to keep one step ahead”

Gary Markin, IT Manager, Hi-Tec Sports.