Quattro Group

The Quattro Group - Network Infrastructure Design/Implementation - MPLS/WAN/VoIP/TS

The Company

The Quattro Group: An operated plant hire firm, with 13 depots across the country. The Quattro Group works with organisations such as Network Rail, Balfour Beatty and the Highways Agency on some of the UK’s largest transport infrastructure maintenance/building projects.

The Problem

The Stratford head office is the hub of the Quattro Group’s operation, and is the main point of contact for the organisation’s 12 other depots. The network that was in place was out-dated and internet access was unstable, which in turn was having an impact on services such as email which was very slow, as well as the access of essential resources in the head office.

The system was also unable to support remote users which, following a period of rapid growth for the company, had become a necessity. Remote users needed secure access to emails, common shared applications for finance, hire management systems on the main server and shared files. Additionally, phone bills were very large.

The Solution

Having spent some time with the management team at the Stratford Head Office, and taking into account the immediate and future requirements of the organisation, the development team at Morcan suggested:

To combat the network capability:

  • Install a Terminal Services server for remote users and sites.
  • Install a new MPLS network from MDNX, comprising a 10MB 1:1 fibre connection at head office and 512Kb 1:1 voice & 8Mb ADSL data lines at site offices.

To help lower the phone bill:

  • Install a hosted VoIP solution from MDNX including new handsets throughout the company and transfer all BT lines to MDNX. This eliminated the need to purchase costly PBX’s for each site.

For improved security and control:

  • Install web filtering by Cisco ScanSafe to monitor/control web access across the company.
  • Install Kaspersky Enterprise Security to further improve security.

The Results

The Quattro Group proceeded with all of Morcan’s suggestions and the results have had a huge impact on the organisation.

Remote workers and site offices are able to access all central data and Outlook emails on the server through Terminal Services.

Access to the internet, email speed and general network speed at the Stratford Head Office has improved, and is much more stable. The improvement at Stratford means that remote workers also experience better access and increased speeds.

The new phone system provides better quality calls – an important factor considering many of the phone calls are made from busy building sites and may be subject to background noise. Additionally, across the organisation the Quattro Group report that the new systems save a significant amount every month in phone bills since they were introduced.

The web filtering by Cisco ScanSafe has also been very successful in helping improve productivity and effective in the removal of spyware, trojans and viruses. It was a concern that better internet connection may lead to more time wasted by employees on the internet, but reports have shown that less time is wasted due to non-work-related surfing thanks to the filtering software.