Kaspersky Open Space Security provides your wide corporate infrastructure with world-class anti-malware protection in a single, integrated suite of applications that work seamlessly across all platforms. Every workstation, laptop, file server, mail server, Internet gateway or smartphone is fully protected, giving you complete confidence that the network is secure, whether you are working in the office, remotely or at home.

Kaspersky's new and refreshed business IT security products far exceed industry standards and are suitable for all network nodes, yet make minimal demands on your network’s valuable resources. The optimized security systems are easy to deploy, administer and maintain, increasing your levels of security whilst significantly decreasing your total cost of protection. As a result, your business benefits from:

  • Deeper protection, comprehensive endpoint control and centralized administration
  • Out-of-the box protection against all types of Internet threats
  • Rapid response to new malware attacks
  • Optimized and cost-effective security, licensing and purchasing that maximizes business productivity for less investment
  • Customer-focused, global and local technical support expertise
  • Combined power of signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted protection technologies

For more information about how Kaspersky Open Space Security can help you secure your organisation from virus and malware threats, contact us here.