Remote Working

The business world is changing, and many organisations now strive to offer employees the opportunity to work remotely as an alternative to the traditional nine-to-five office based role. Whether these choices are made as an employee incentive, a step towards minimising carbon footprints, or simply to provide a more flexible working environment, it is clear that remote working is the future for many businesses.

Morcan offers a variety of remote working solutions which, when integrated into an organisation’s existing IT systems, provide individuals with a reliable and secure platform from which to work away from the office.

Remote Working systems offer the following solutions:

  • Virtual desktops and applications which allow private network data to be accessed via secure web interfaces
  • SecureID User Authentication to ensure that sensitive files remain secure
  • Web-based file sharing and collaboration sites allowing data to be accessed simply between remote workers and office-based staff

Whether your team is working in the office or at home, Morcan’s technical support team make sure that the same high level of assistance is always available, helping to ensuring that everything, whether located in your own office or at your employee’s kitchen table, is certain to provide a faultless service.

Adaptability is key to success in today’s business world

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